She was a funny old day chasing the odd oval ball around today….Bs pack it on against Marist only to find themselves down 12-13 at the half but win the second half 29-12 to record a 41-25 victory.

Prems pack it on in the first 43 minutes to lead Star 24-0 only to find themselves praying to Jesus as Star kick a winning penalty with time up – except it went across the front of the sticks and Blues take the Challenge Cup 27-26 (phew!)

All Stars are robbed by the Hawaiian Delights, and Blues women lose to Kaikorai 0-32 (the score no way indicates the game – just got beaten in the last 20).

Bs looking crash hot (pretty sure that win puts the Southside Massive in the top 4), while Prems looking sharp (no-one won the Galbraith Shield in April).  Match reports to come.


April 21 In Rugby Land

Oh Well….

Wasn’t the flashest day for the Prems yesterday, going down 13-34 to Pirates OB (had to take the match report from the Southland Times) but the Bs had a great win over Ohai-Nightcaps 24-9 to get their season rolling, and the score could have been even higher if the ref had been a wee bit fitter and able to see Danny bash the ball on the line….The Brick With Eyes, Turi Dallas, ends up as the Bs top try scorer with three from two games, giving the flash backline boys some food for thought….

Prems are at Star this weekend, while the Bs take on the Altar Boys at Miller St….

He’s Back!

First game since the Crusaders tried to break his neck….

Jesus Comes Through For The Doolans

Wasn't someone supposed to nail him to a cross?

Easter was a big deal for Catholics this year, with Scott “Jesus” Eade directing traffic nicely as Marist  out-played the Mighty Blue Machine Premiers to win 16-6 at Rugby Park on Thursday.  Match report, what there is of it, is here.

The Bs looked very sharp on Easter Saturday despite not having had a run and having to rely on a few ring-ins to make up the 22 in a holiday weekend.  They led for 65 minutes in a great match before two tries against the run of play consigned them to an 18-30 loss.  Turi Dallas continued his run of scoring a try at Easter (he actually got two, but the ref was just a little too slow in arriving), and Dan Wells scored a beauty off a chargedown after halftime. Jack Egerton capped a fine game at 10 with a conversion and a penalty, and Josh Brown rounded out the scoring with another penalty.  Not a great start on the scoreboard, but the scoreboard in no way reflected the game.

It’s All On Again

Blues beat Midlands 41-15 to open the Galbraith Shield season.  Match report is here.

Smoko 2011 – The 137th Edition


Best player: Michael “Hammo” Hammond

Most improved: Andy Muir

Special awards: John Fry, Sonny Heremaia, Lindsay Nicol, Dean Butt


Most Improved Player: Brayden Peterson

Best Forward: Daniel “Bendon” Clarke

Best Back: Rich “Dags” Little

Player of the Year: Jack “Yo Sista” Egerton


Most Improved Player: Elliott Mitchell

Best Forward: Willy “With A Y” Kamaru

Best Back: Waaka “With A Double A” Parkinson

Blue of the Year: Mike “Roger” Wilkins

Royds Cup (best team) : Blues second XV

President’s Trophy (Best non-playing member): Reece Williams